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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Productive day

Well yesterday turned out to be more productive than it started out. I finally got my tail in gear and got some things done. I'm excited to say that I now have a button on my website for guests to sign up for newsletters. If it wasn't for some of the wonderful women that I have met on some of my forums (in my blog area and link areas), I would not have found out about these great marketing tips. Now I have to work on the newswletters :).

On a different note :), my little guy just put three words together yesterday. He said "momma and daddy" together. Usually it's one or to the other! I'm amazed at how fast he is changing. He is a very contemplative little guy. We've decided that he likes to assess the situation first before he jumps in. ie. in a room full of people he will just sit and take people in and see how his dad and I interact with them, then he realizes that they are okay and he warms right up. It's interesting to watch his little personality take shape :).

Good day to all.....


Kim @ What's That Smell said...

Isn't it amazing that their personalities are there from the beginning? My daughter is the funniest baby EVER and she digs in to everything without hesitation. She is so curious and simply has to have her face in whatever I am doing. In fact, right now I have my hand blocking hers from hitting the keys on my laptop!

samsmom said...

Hi Kim, yes, it truly does boggle my mind. I swear he is smarter than me! I know what you mean about the keyboard. My son does the same thing. My husband and I found an old keyboard and we put it on a cart for him. Of course he'd rather play with mine :)