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Monday, August 25, 2008

Check out this great site!!!

Head on over to Kristen's Custom Creations and check out the great custom hand stamped jewelry that she makes!! Her personalized jewelry makes a great gift for a Mom, Mom's to be, Grandmas.....anyone who would love to have a custom piece of stamped jewelry. You can create a personalized piece for yourself, or someone else, that will convey a special message. She welcomes custom orders!!!

I just received my necklace a few days ago and I love it. I had two sterling discs done, one with my son's name and one with "mama" because that is what he typically calls me :). I also added his and my birthstones. It's really sweet and I know I will treasure it for a long time. Check her out!!


Miss P and Baby E's Mama said...

I have considered buying this very necklace, but without the stones. Beautiful. What do you teach online? I was considering online once I get my teaching degree.

samsmom said...

Thanks for stopping by. It's a great necklace :). I teach interior design courses (Lighting Design specifically, my grad degree is in Lighting). I do love it with little ones at home.

Kristen Andrews said...

so glad you like your necklace, I just stumbled on this post, thanks a million!