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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Horsey's and Towels.......

those are my little guy's favorite things right now, except for his ugly guy (that he can't live without)! The beach we go to is a state park on a barrier island and there are wild horses that roam throughout the area. We saw several herds of them on the beach yesterday. Look out, or they will take your backpack if it has food in it! They are beautiful to see and so exciting, especially if you see them running. But my little guy (LG), loves them and as soon as we drive over the bridge he says "horsey?" Like he is asking if they are there. Amazing. He also loves towels, really fabric of any kind. He loves to carry it around and touch it and examine it. It is so interesting to watch him. Maybe he will be the next "IT" fashion designer. Hmm........horsey's and fabric, maybe Ralph Lauren!! :)

Anyway, homeward we go today. It has been a fun time but a lot of work with a 1 1/2 yr old, especially one that will not nap at the beach or in the carseat on the way back to the hotel. Wow, talk about exercising my tolerance and patience!! I guess that is one thing that having a child has taught me so far. It is a good thing, because I was lacking in both :).


Rachel said...

That beach is gorgeous! Making me jealous here. :)

samsmom said...

Yes, it is beautiful. I never get tired of seeing it :)