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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mommy's Little Businessman.....

so I'm in the kitchen getting S dinner together tonite and I look over at him on the floor and he is sitting on his orange cushion with a small calendar in one hand (I just gave it to him earlier to keep him occupied while I work), and in his other hand he has a calculator (aka his cellphone). I hear him jabbering a bit and then he says "Bye". I swear he could have just finished making a million dollar deal. His calendar was open and his phone was to his ear.................. I think he's been watching me too much. Priceless, nonetheless :)


Brittany said...

My sons do that! It's so cute, we call it doing "their bills."

samsmom said...

Love it!! Doing their bills. I wish he would do my bills :) Thanks for popping by Brittany.