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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Need a Blog Makeover????

Is your blog looking tired and boring? Do you need a blog makeover? Even if you just want to do a little tweeking - you should go see Shabby Creations! I wanted to add three columns to my blog because I really like that look, and she did it for me quickly and very reasonably priced! She even changed some colors for me which I think really helped to enhance my blog. Check out Shabby Creations and see what she has to offer. She created Ohana Mama's blog design, (which I think is fab!). She even has pre-made blog designs.

Check her out! She's fantastic to work with!!


Ohana Mama said...

Shabby Creations is fabulous! She not only created my blog but she also made it three columns and changed my header for me after the initial purchase. She's so fast and great to work with!

Sara said...

I really want a three column blog. I'm gonna check it out. Thanks for checking in on me during the storm!