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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hippos Toes Clothes Finally Here.....

I can't believe the clothes for my website are finally here. They look awesome. They have such cute and unique designs and the quality is exceptional! Every season there will be a new clothing line with a new theme. This fall it is a Quest theme for the little boys and a Bug Tea Party for the little girls. The themes always try to incorporate nature, bugs, flowers, animals, etc, to foster that awareness of nature in your child. The clothing has a whimsical feel as well, which further enhances the uniqueness of the clothing.

In anticipation of the launch planned for OCTOBER 9TH, I will be posting periodic pictures of the clothes so you can get an idea of the clothing line.

I also want to mention one of the most important features of the clothing, and why I decided to sell this line. The clothing is Fair Trade and made in South Africa. When I was in South Africa a little over 2 years ago, I couldn't help but notice the disparity in the way some of the people lived. They had very rudimentary conditions, at best. Apartheid just ended only 12 years ago, so there are still a great deal of people that cannot find good paying jobs or living conditions. That is where Hippos Toes comes in. The women that make these clothes are mothers just like you and me. They are trying to provide for their families under conditions that you and I will never have to face. The fact that the manufacturer of these clothes provides a fair wage and good working conditions just sold me on these clothes. I would much rather purchase clothes for my son from a place that makes a difference in people's lives (especially mothers!), than clothes that only makes a difference in the pockets of some big wig corporation. And I'm hoping that you feel the same!!!

Please stay tuned for more examples of the clothes and please be sure to visit my site October 9th for the launch. You know I will remind you!! Also, please be sure to sign up for my enewsletter so you can be aware of what is going on in Hippos Toes land!!

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Kim @ What's That Smell said...

The clothes sound wonderful!

Let me know if you have a press release for when you officially launch and I will write a post for you!