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Friday, September 26, 2008

Budgeting Help.....

Are you like me and the thought of cumbersome budgeting software makes your eyes bug out of your head? Too many charts and graphs and tax related garbage that really is of no use to you? On the flip side, maybe you make your own homemade spreadsheets and those just don't seem to everything that you want them to.

Well you definitely need to check out Pear Budget. Their tagline says “Really Simple Budgeting,” and that’s the truth. It’s not more than I need, in fact it’s exactly want I want in a budgeting software. This looks like something that is very user-friendly - not all that junk that I really don't need. It's online, it's cheap, easy to set up and safe, among many other great features. It has three simple steps 1)Plan (your budget), 2) Enter (your receipts), 3)Review (your spending). What could be simpler than that??

Check out Gidget Goes Home, as she is offering a giveaway of one free year's subscription!!! She also goes into more detail so you can learn more about it. Go to her blog now!! What are you waiting for? In these lean times it's a great idea to get yourself a budget, and Pear Budget makes it easy!

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Thanks for the tip!