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Monday, November 3, 2008


The produce is fabulous and the customer service is top notch!
Open Market - you can sit up above and look down on the market area.


Market Cafe

Okay, I said it....I love Wegman's!! Never thought I would say that about a grocery store before. You've never heard of Wegman's? Well, allow me to give you the scoop on the great store!
Wegman's just had their Grand Opening in our neighborhood a month or so ago. Don't ask me why it took us so long to get there. Many people have told us about Wegman's but we didn't think they were any different from other grocery stores, so we put it off. Boy, were we wrong. I just love this store. I'll probably say that several times in the post, so forgive me if I get redundant.
Let me just tell you some reasons why I love it:
First of all the store has a great feel. It is very well laid out. The interior design is very nice, with great materials and finishes. It has a very high end feel to it, unlike other big box grocery stores I've visited. And as a mom, I've seen my share. As a lighting designer, I have to say the lighting is also very nicely done. Not your typical fluorescent troffers in the ceiling. The luminaires are very nice and add a nice upscale feel to the space. And the lighting isn't cool as you often see with fluorescent lighting. Big points for the design aesthetic.
Another huge reason that I love Wegman's is that they carry a lot of organic foods. We try to eat organic as much as possible. They have organic meats and produce. Now that farmer's markets are coming to an end, I know that I will have to purchase my produce from the grocery store and knowing that they carry organic produce is huge to me. And it all looks great. Not whilted and brown the way many other grocery stores produce is, but vibrant and colorful, just the way fruits and veggies should look. Big points for organic!
Wegman's also has a Market Cafe, which is their dining area. Wow, do they have a selection of fantastic foods from all types of ethnicities! Bonus! They have Thai, Indian, Chinese, Sushi, salads, pizza, crab shack....I could go on and on....but their food looks fabulous. We have only been there for breakfast and coffee right now, but we are planning on having dinner there as well. Hubby will probably stop and pick it up and bring home many nights! I just can't say enough about this Market Cafe. The dining area is also very well designed. The particular one in our area has an upper level so you can eat and look down on the store. It's kind of neat. They have a sink and microwave so you can warm up your food, or bottle if you have a baby. And, frankly, the restroom is another one of the best features of the store. It's like a designer bathroom. From the materials and finishes to the size of the restroom. I could live in that store! The family stall where you can change your child is amazing. It is huge! A big plus for those of us with children. It has it's own sink and enough room to turn your stroller around. Plus a place to place your things while you are changing your child. It definitely earns huge points in this area with me!!
Another huge positive about Wegman's is the customer service. Everyone we talked to was so nice and friendly. They will take you to the item you are looking for, they won't just say, "Aisle 13". The meat guy actually stopped what he was doing and came out to walk us around and explain how and where we could find the organic meat. And he was so sweet to my little guy! The worker's will even say "hello" and "welcome" to you when you walk by! I mean, that earns a HUGE plus for points as far as I'm concerned. I don't know about you but I am so sick of other stores telling me they "think" I can find the item in a certain place but they could care less if I find it or not. Oh, and the bakery - let me just say - YUMMY! They will give you samples of bread and they are just as friendly and cordial as the rest of the employees we encountered.
And prices. I think they are very good on prices. Sure the organic items cost a bit more but they cost more everywhere. I never used store brand canned items before until Wegman's. This is a first for me. And I have been more than please. Their prices for their store brands are substantially less expensive than other store brands. I bought a can of black beans for $.60 a can. I think that's a great price, considering the name brand is appx $.99 a can. Now that times are getting a bit leaner, I'm trying to pinch pennies every way I can, and this is a huge help! I wouldn't consider it if I didn't think their brands were good!

Well, that is just a few of the reasons that I love Wegman's. Truly, I can't wait to go to the grocery store anymore. Oh, I almost forgot, they have a train that goes around a track on the ceiling!! It's a large train and my son just can't wait to see it. It blows it's whistle and he is just enamored. Another great feature of the store. Okay, now do you see why I love this store so much? If you have one in your area you really should pay a visit. You will see why I think it is such a great family grocery store. It's like a big small neighborhood store.


Chrissy said...

I went to Wegmans for the first time over the summer. It wasn't nearby, but I decided it was worth the trip to check it out. It was incredible - but definitely a little overwhelming! I don't think I could shop there all the time. But it'd be great to go once in awhile and stock up. :-)

Kameron said...

Wow, that store sounds amazing. I don't think they have them near me, but I will definitely look in to it! I kno what you mean about asking where things are. I asked for pine nuts once and the teenage associate said she didn't even know what they were, let alone where I could find them. Yeah for customer service!

Erin Tales said...

It sounds nice! No Wegman's here!

BTW, I have something for you here:

Julie said...

I actually just gasped when I read your title. I'm from Upstate NY and never knew life WITHOUT Wegmans until I moved to the South. I take my kids to visit my family every few months and make sure I go to Wegmans every time. I came back and had a GYN appt and mentioned that I was there to my Doc (also from NY) and she was visibly jealous of me! If you ever watch NBC's the office, you'll notice they sometimes show wegmans labels on the foods.

angie said...

Now I really wish we had WEGMANS. Sounds really fabulous!

Michelle said...

My MIL works for Wegmans. They live in a really small town in up state New York and I have to say that I was impressed with the quality of Wegmans.

Jenni Jiggety said...

That is WAY nicer than any grocery stores we have around here! Wow!