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Monday, November 3, 2008

Check out my Interview!!!!

I'm touched that my friend Kristen over at Kristenandrewsonline would feature me on her blog today! Take a peek over there and learn a little something more about me, if you didn't know it already! She wrote such nice things about me. I just love her. You should also check out Kristen's Etsy site because she makes some fabulous jewelry. I love the personalized nature of her handstamped necklaces. I love her work so much that I have a chance to win a fabulous piece of jewelry!! I know you want to help me win it, right?? All you have to do is to post a comment on Kristen's blog on my behalf, that's it. I will be competing against 3 other readers so the more votes I have the better the chance I have to win. I would greatly appreciate your votes.

If you would like Kristen to feature you please email her at
Be sure to check out her sister site La Dolce Vita and Friends for some great holiday items. I am also a contributor there as well.

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