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Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Week

What an exciting week it is going to be in the District with the Inauguration of President-elect Obama! I’m so excited to live so near the capitol and I was so hopeful that we were going to be able to attend the Inauguration of the 44th President. He gives me so much hope. I finally have such faith in our country again. I feel so strongly about his abilities to lead us out of this mess and I truly feel he genuinely cares about me (us) and wants to change the course of the country, so we are The United States again, rather than a bunch of red states and blue states. I haven’t had this much pride in my country in quite some time.

Every day we have been hearing news about the Inauguration and wondering how this would affect our abilities to attend. Well I’m sad to say that it doesn’t look it’s going to be possible. There are just too many road closures and bridge closures which will certainly make it impossible to drive into the District. If it were just my husband and myself we would definitely fight the crowds and the deal with the extremely long waits at the Metro (subway station). Unfortunately having a 2 yr old makes it extremely difficult. We also cannot have strollers or framed backpacks in certain areas. Add to that the possibility of snow tonight and a wind chill of 20 degrees and I think the sofa sounds better. My husband and I joke that the only people that will be able to attend are the people from out of town because they are staying in hotels in DC.

However, we were able to attend the “We Are One” concert on the National Mall on Sunday and it was an amazing experience. I stood there looking up at the sky as our new President was addressing the crowd and I couldn’t help feeling overcome with emotion. How amazing is it that this special man will become our next President. Whatever your political leanings, you cannot not be inspired by Obama’s intelligence and idealism. I think idealism is what we have been missing for some time. But it’s not ignorant idealism, it’s the audacity to hope that we CAN make a difference in the history of our country. We must get involved in being stewards of this planet, for the well being of every living creature. I’m so glad my son was able to make history by being in the crowd on this cold and blustery winter day. I felt so connected to the people that braved the cold and the crowd to be one of the hundred of thousands that made it to the welcome festivities for the Inauguration of the President.

I’m was so inspired and truly feel like anything is possible!

Yes We Can!!!

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Lolli said...

I live in the DC suburbs, too, and was feeling so bad about not going to the festivities. But we've been sick, and I just couldn't imagine leading 5 kids around the city this week. How lucky that you go to attend the concert, though!