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Monday, January 5, 2009

Love my Muk Luks....

I just got the best pair of poochies that I’ve ever worn. Oops, don’t know what poochies are? That is my family’s slang for slippers. Something my husband used to call them when he was a child and how we’ve started referring to them with our two year old.

Oh, about the poochies……. Have you ever heard of Muk Luks? Basically they are like a sock/slipper combo. They have a hard bottom on them so they are sturdier than some other slipper/sock’s that I’ve seen. I like to have a bottom on my slippers in case I need to run out to the mailbox or take out the trash. What I really like about my Muk Luk’s is that they go up my ankle and part of my calf. In the past when I sit down my pant leg would ride up and my ankles were exposed. With my Muk Luk’s that doesn’t happen anymore.

They are available in some really fun designs and colors so they add a bit of pizzazz to your leggings too!


angie said...

They look great......especially in cold climate areas!

Anonymous said...

You're talking my kind of slipper now! The more it covers up the better. I get the coldest feet ever.