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Monday, December 15, 2008

How CPSIA will effect small businesses

If you love to purchase unique handmade children’s items, or children’s items from small businesses those days may be numbered. Apparently there is some legislation set to go into effect as of February 10, 2009 that may change your ability to do so. This legislation threatens to close down many small businesses. Basically this new law requires anything that is intended for children 12 and under be tested by a third party for lead. That means anything!! I mean anything!!! It sounds like a good idea, in concept, but it’s impact on the retail world (and the consumers as well, since many of these small businesses will likely close up shop because they cannot afford the testing). Even things that have no chance of having lead in them still need to be tested, read - an organic cotton t-shirt.

This just sounds absurd to me, especially given the current economic crisis we are in. That is just what we need, more businesses closing down and more people without jobs because of some legislation that really wasn’t thought through completely. Whether you sell on ebay, Craigslist, Etsy or have an online store you will have to comply with this new law.

Testing is expensive and it’s not just a matter of testing one thing, all parts of that item must be tested. So you can see that this could really have devastating results for small retailers/manufacturers, even large ones will have to comply with this. I wonder if there will be a bailout for the retailer’s that will have to close their doors? It makes me sad to think that many crafter’s and artisans that have made a nice living off of their talents will have to stop sharing their art and talent with the rest of us. Sounds to me like there will only be two places to shop for children’s clothes. Baby’s R Us and Walmart, because they will be the only ones that can afford the testing (because they pay such ridiculously low labor prices, no doubt). Pardon the cynicism, but this is just ludicrous to me.

Check out this great post from Happy Panda that helps to explain the repercussions of this legislation. You will also find a petition there that you can sign regarding CPSIA.

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